5 Crucial Dos and Don’ts That You Must Know About Men’s Designer Jeans

Men’s designer jeans have gained a lot of popularity, and come a long way since their introduction. Starting from the regular straight fit jeans to the designer pieces, companies are managing to keep pace with the latest fashion trends, and meet the constantly-changing expectations of the buyers. There are several experiments being done on this clothing range. There are some styles that are beyond the imagination. Few styles will come and go, and there will be changes in accordance with the seasons. So, you need to stay informed and get updates regarding the styles that fit your body.

  • There are several designer jeans such asVoi jeans, Mish mash, and Firetrap that have stayed alive in the competition just because of the perception of buyer’s desire. The quality of the denim clothing is great, affordable and long lasting. Most of the jeans are machine washable. Jeans manufacturers have given more importance to use colors such as blue, black, and white. You can also see some funky colors according to the change in trends. One can also find gray and sheer tan jeans.
  • When it comes to maintenance, one can find many jeans styles. Some of them can be cleaned using light and dark wash, and you must be careful in washing them. Use of stone wash and acid wash is also common in darkcolored Men with chiseled looks can opt for a slim fit. Even the lower crotch would fit nice for the one who has got a perfectly toned body.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get an idea of your physique. Before selecting the jeans, you need to knowyour length and waist size. You can also see jeans available with drawstring elasticized waist rather than having a buttoned waist. You can also see variations with respect to fly styles. One can select the buttoned fly and also the zip fly. If you are looking forward to pair your jeans along with a t-shirt, it is best to look for a jean with sporty look.
  • For instance, you can see sporty jeans under Voi jeans, which is also termed as designer jogger jeans. It has got large buttoned pockets, cuffed ankles, and elasticized waist. It is recommended to avoid wearing sandals with designer jeans. There are plenty of jeans. Slim fit can look the best with boots.
  • Make sure that younever pair your jeans with boots, if you prefer regular straight fits. Usually, shoes go well with designer jeans. It is also habitual for people who want to wear designer jeans with chic belts. It is the new fashion trend to accessorize jeans with belts. Jeans go well with pewter or silver buckles. However, don’t try formal jeans with trendy belts with fashionable buckles. Make sure that you look for the best color combination before you pick.

How to Choose Stylish Winter Coats for Men?

It’s good to stay bundled up during winter season, making coats the biggest fashion trends for the current season. You should choose a jacket that protects you from harsh weather, but without compromising the style factor.

You can pick CP Company Goggle Jacket that’s not only warm, but also stylish. This coat has been built from water resistant materials and has detachable dilled liner, removable hood, and corduroy collar that make you stand apart from the crowd. The function of the jacket varies as per the climate; a thick wool coat would be perfect during cold weathers, while pleated winter jacket is yet another option. The commonly preferred winter wear is pea coat that’s refined at work and casual for weekend. Grey, navy, and sleek black are must-have winter jackets. Long wool jackets are widely used by businessmen and will continue to stay in fashion for years to come.

This winter season if you’re looking forward to picking the best jacket for men, then this guide will come handy. The following tips can help you in choosing a jacket, which will keep you dry and warm.  Make your choice wisely as some jackets are effective and functional in keeping you toastier and warmer than other pieces.


No matter whether you’ve chosen a designer piece or from a local mall, it’s essential to choose the one that has right fit. You should feel comfortable in the coat that you wearing and right fit is the successful key to accomplish this. You should be able to move your arms easily and too much of layering can make you feel irritated or cause discomfort. If you’re buying online, look at the size chart and make a choice that you feel is right for your body shape. If you’re buying at physical store, try wearing it in trial room and see how easy you can move, without binding at your neck and shoulders. In this way, you get a better picture of what feature you’re looking in a jacket. You can go for traditional topcoat or thick sweater, depending on your taste and personality. It’s better to choose one-size over your normal T-shirt size, as you’ll be wearing this jacket upon the normal shirt.


Understand the fabric and material used before you order; the best material can offer you enough warmth. The most commonly used fabrics include cashmere and wool. Cashmere coats have short durability and the high price makes these dull against the effectiveness of the wool in colder weather. Look for extra layer and comfortable fit that can keep you warm in snowier conditions.


These days, men’s jackets come in wide variety of styles and designs; you can opt for Parka, initially used by men in military and bought into cities by fashionable men. Other options include Chevron jacket, pea coat, duffle jacket, trench jacket and overcoat.

Whichever the jacket you select, ensure to care for it, with proper maintenance and use it for the next winter season too, preserving your investment.